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Our DreamsOur Dreams

Our dream is for our children to live in a better future and for them to grow up in a cleaner world.

We have never forgotten that the Earth is not just ours, but a planet that we share with millions of living things at the same time.

Our dream is to protect the future of other living things with whom we share the earth.

Our dream is to offer more livable cities and more environmentally friendly transportation.

Our PlansOur Plans

We found the fastest solution to reach our dream of greener transportation.

We refurbished old diesel buses in order to utilize the potential we have.

We reached more people in a more economical way by making renovations.

We followed modern technologies and pioneered the transportation system of the future.
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- ProblemProblem

Rapid transition to zero acarbon transport is delayed

The transportation sector accounts for 24.6% of total energy-related CO2 emissions in EU (IPCC)


85% of all new medium and heavy buses in the EU & UK fueled by diesel (European Automobile Manufacturers Association)


Withdrawal of diesel busses from circulation before the end of their operational lifetime will lead to substantial asset losses


New zero-electric public busses are 2-3 times more expensive than new fossil-fuel busses


Our SolutionOur Solution

Transformation opportunity

The 3E Conversion project offers bus-fleet operators a feasible opportunity to convert their diesel bus fleets.

Technological model

We have developed a technological model that replaces diesel motors and powertrains with battery packs and electric motors.

100% electricity conversion

It converts diesel buses older than 5 years and above to 100% electric buses.

Circular economy

The life span of the vehicles is extended by another 15 years


Conversion costs 35% to 45% less than the cost of a new electric bus

Substantial saving potential

EUR 600 million reduced the life cycle operational costs

Substantial carbon reduction

2 million tons of Co2 emissions would be avoided (fleet of 1000 - 15 years life span)

Completed prototype

We successfully completed the prototype implementation of the electric bus conversion project.

Suitable for all terrains

Extensive lab and road test have been performed. The prototype bus has been modified to fit various terrain, climate and passenger load scenarios.

Certified Project

BELKA Inc. obtained the Vehicle Type Approval Certificate of Mass Modification for the converted electric bus and obtained the conversion approval according to European standards

Agreement signed

BELKA Inc. has already signed an
agreement with EGO General Directorate
for the conversion of 25 diesel buses to electric buses.

Climate finance accelerator programme

Gender equality and social
inclusion (gesı) action plan

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bus3e drone
bus 3e charging station
bus 3e passenger
bus 3e
bus3e passenger man

Greater range with greener transportation
Greater Range

Vehicle Length
12 m solo
Charger (60 kW)
400V(±20%), 50/60Hz,
single exit; DC200-850V; 0-200A;
Battery Capacity
456 Ah / 281.91 kWh / 618.24 V
Battery Protection Level
Max Engine Power
250 kW
Brake Level
Dual circuit air brake, Front disc / Rear disc brake, ABS
Max 14%
Full Charge Time
3,5 hours
Max Engine rpm
3500 rpm

Electrical Systems
CAN system, 24V / 100Ah (Battery),
European Standard CCS2
400km(ideal test conditions)

Passenger Capacity
95 (29 seats + 66 standing passengers)
Lithium Iron Phosphate

Auxiliary Brake
Brake Recovery Energy
Energy Consumption (per Km)
0,51 kW/km
Maximum Speed
70 km (limited)

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