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Transformation opportunity

The 3E Conversion project offers bus-fleet operators a feasible opportunity to convert their diesel bus fleets.

Technological model

We have developed a technological model that replaces diesel motors and powertrains with battery packs and electric motors.

100% electricity conversion

Diesel buses older than 5 years and above being converted to 100% electric buses.

Circular economy

The life span of the vehicles are being extended by another 15 years


Conversion costs 35% to 45% less than the cost of a new electric bus

Significant saving potential

Life cycle of operational costs reduced by 600 million €

Carbon Footprint

2 million tons of Co2 emissions would be avoided (fleet of 1000 - 15 years life span)

Completed prototype

We successfully completed the prototype implementation of the electric bus conversion project.

Suitable for all terrains

Extensive lab and road tests have been conducted. The prototype bus has been modified to fit various conditions; terrain, climate and passenger load.

Certified Project

BELKA Inc. obtained the Vehicle Type Approval Certificate of Mass Modification for the converted electric bus and became the first company in Turkey to obtain the conversion approval according to European Standards.

Agreement signed

BELKA Inc. has already signed an
agreement with EGO General Directorate
for the conversion of 25 diesel buses to electric buses.

Climate finance accelerator programme

Gender equality and social
inclusion (gesı) action plan